14 Days Tour to Coffee Growing Areas in Ethiopia

Take an interesting personal and/or group tour of coffee farms, forests, plantations, and the processing facilities in Southwest and South Ethiopia. Ethiopia is an ideal destination for coffee tourism. If you’re looking to plan a vacation, Ethiopia has lots to offer. We'll take you to the birthplace of coffee in the Southwest, and the famous coffee growing areas of Sidama and Yirgacheffee in 14 days.

5 Days Tour to Coffee Growing Areas in Ethiopia

In 5 days, we'll take you to coffee growing areas of the two most renowned coffees in the world, Yirgacheffe and Sidama. You'll also get a chance to visit other tourist attraction places in Ethiopia on the way to the coffee growing areas.

Visit a Coffee Paradise

Traveling is always fun. Having a cup of your favorite coffee sitting next to a beautiful coffee garden or coffee forest is a life time experience. Book your trip now, we'll make your trip to coffee growing areas in Ethiopia more enjoyable.

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Sidama traditional house