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Ardent Children Center [Update]

Children grow up in different situations. Some are blessed enough to have their parents in their life but some suffer with the loss of one parent or both. Obviously, the repercussions on these children disrupt their life. We are happy to support these orphans and provide them a happy childhood at Ardent Children Center.

Ardent Children Center(ACC) has come a long way since our opening. We took orphans and semi-orphans from coffee growing areas to parent them. ACC’s founders, Ashenafi Argaw and Tesfa Sermesa, have a burning passion and a great heart for children. Children are gems of the world, they make a community.

Ardent Children Center has recently opened a new center in Yirgacheffe with 36 children, making the total number orphans we support 70. We are so grateful to our sponsors HARU Coffee, TAF Coffee, and Dark Wood Coffee. The vision of the center being to raise future leaders, we saw the impact in expanding our horizon to reach more children in coffee community.

In the last one year, our children at Ardent Children Center at both centers in Bensa and Yirgacheffe have shown immense holistic development. Most of the children are top of their class, responsible and stable emotionally considering the loss and trauma they've been through. At both centers, all children are provided with food, books, clothes, school uniforms, with opportunity for outdoor recreation and sporting activities.

In the coming year, we are planning to accept more orphans at the Bensa branch and Yirgacheffe Branch. We also would like to open new locations in West Arsti and Guji area. We need additional support from the donors, philanthropists, and Coffee Buyers to meet the needs of increasing orphan/semi orphan children in our centers. We are planning to build a permanent home by acquiring land in Sidama, Yirgacheffe, and Guji areas in Ethiopia.

Would you like to partner with Ardent Children Center to be a parent to orphans? You can contact us for more information.

Thank you!

Ardent Children Center


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