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Ardent Coffee Farmers Day!

Ardent Coffee Export was in Bensa, Sidama Region, Ethiopia, to celebrate coffee farmers that worked with us in the 2021/22 crop season. On this day, the CEO and Founder of Ardent Coffee Company, Mr. Ashenafi Argaw, and all Ardent team members were present. At the outset, Mr. Ashenafi extended his heartfelt gratitude to all member farmers for their hard work and support, and announced saying “. . . the year was a success in achieving our goals”.

Team Ardent had the opportunity to speak with the farmers face to face about how successful the year was in delivering quality coffee and what to do in the coming season regarding the quantity of production, coffee quality, and coffee processing. We believe empowering farmers always improves coffee production and quality.

Farmers are the reason we export high-quality coffee to markets across the world, and everyone enjoys the best coffee. At Ardent Coffee, we believe in sharing our milestones and success with the community that worked with us. On Ardent farmers' day, we recognized the workforce that stood by our side and rewarded farmers that supplied the most coffee this crop season.

All member farmers came together to celebrate the day, and we made a second payment to all members. The event was highlighted by the performance delivered by our children at Ardent Children Center. Ardent Children Center, Bensa Center, has 36 orphan children under its wings. We were highly delighted to see our kids' holistic growth. They sang us different songs which we were part of dancing and celebrating. Witnessing these children go through healing from the trauma of losing parents and seeing their academic achievements, active social engagements, and skills they acquired was a great accomplishment. Then, the management of Ardent Children Center rewarded kids who got outstanding grades in the current academic year.

Finally, Ardent Coffee Export made the second payment to the farmers who supplied cherry at our processing sites. Farmers are usually paid in one lump sum in a year, which is difficult to budget over the remaining 12 months until the next harvest. Even if someone were to perfectly budget their money each month, an urgent, unforeseen repair or other serious expense could be financially devastating. The second payment goes to the pockets of our member farmers at the time of such need. In this season, a premium is paid per quantity of cherries farmers brought to Ardent processing sites.

In the upcoming season, we will work hand in hand with farmers as always to improve coffee quality even more and continue our engagement in coffee communities.



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