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Future Leader

The quality of parenting children receive early in their childhood plays an impeccable role in influencing their developmental competence and ultimately their life course trajectories. The attachment children have with their parents lead to a healthy social, emotional, cognitive and motivational development.

Not everyone has their biological parents with them. Some children lose their parents because of accidents, natural factors and others. Imagining what would happen to these children is somehow unbearable. Not all of them have relatives who can take care of them. The absence of a parent or caregiver can create an emotional turmoil leaving the children unable to form a healthy relationship with others and leave them vulnerable.

Children learn, and without consistently modeling themselves after somebody worth modeling themselves after, they will become deviant members of society. With the vision of providing a strong parenting figure and raising a happy generation, Ardent Children Center was born. It is found in Bensa where it aimed to serve the farmers.

ACC began in the heart of Hope Sermesa to care for poor and orphaned children, and then, it started with one girl who was found working with farmers giving up her dream to pay her mother’s debt. Not having someone to provide her and her mother with financial stability put her in that situation. One child leading to the other, ACC now has 32 children under its wings. These children have access to education, food, clothing, financial support and quality health care.

We believe the future has happy, passionate and influential leaders who will firmly be change makers. Children have the potential to become great leaders as they grow up. All we have to do is hone their skills and interests. These kids in ACC are future leaders. At Ardent, we believe in these children’s ability to make positive changes in this world.


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